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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Auckland school asks parents to invest in iPads

Parents at Orewa College are requested to dig deep into the family purse

In a letter to parents, the college confesses that while the classroom desktop computers are going out of date, the school can’t afford to buy new ones. Yet one to one access to the internet is considered essential for year nine students.

“We need your help,” the letter reads. “We need you to purchase a one to one computing device and our preference for that device is an Apple iPad 2.”

Quotes were provided, ranging from $799 to $1148.

The fellow (or fellowess) who represents Apple in Auckland must be one hell of a marketer – not that I want to knock the iPad, as it is a very neat little gadget indeed. Just rather expensive.

One is also temped to wonder aloud whether senior library periods will be cut. Presumably it would be easier for the students to download books to their iPads, than to leaf through the dog-eared contents of bookshelves. Could it herald yet another surge in the digital revolution?

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