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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


A perfume that smells like very, very, very good books

Karl Lagerfeld has partnered with his publisher Steidl to create a perfume inspired by the smell of books.  It is called Paper Passion.

A famous bibliogphile who owns about three hundred thousand volumes, Lagerfeld freely confesses that he cannot resist buying more, more, more books. (What a hero.)

This personal passion has even inspired him to become the owner of a bookstore and publishing house in Paris, like his famous predecessor Louis Hachette.  Lagerfeld's store is located at 7, rue de Lille, and is called 7L.

Steidl and Lagerfeld plan to open another bookstore in New York City soon, and are thinking of calling it Word and Image.


Chap O'Keefe said...

When we find ourselves living in an all-ebook world, it will be a bestseller. Maybe I should try to interest Amazon in giving away small phials to purchasers of the Kindle edition of Misfit Lil Cheats the Hangrope.

Dale said...

Or, you could always just carry a book with you.
My preferred solution.
But not a library book - some of those reek.

Joan Druett said...

My four-volume set of the diaries of Betsy Wynne (who sailed on the frigate Inconstant during the Napoleonic Wars, and nursed Nelson after he lost his right arm) stink of pipe tobacco. Evidently very well read by their previous owner, a smoker, alas. I wouldn't want that perfume! And to tell the truth, find it hard to imagine what the authentic smell of a good old book is like.