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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Antiques "roadshow" turns up 600-year-old book

KPLC 7 News in Salt Lake City tells an amazing story of a little museum in Sandy, Utah, which held an antiques appraisal fundraiser.

One expert who took part was rare book dealer Ken Sanders, who got the surprise of his life when a man came up to him after paying $2 to have an old book valued.

"A gentleman walked in and said I've got a really important book here and I'm sitting there rolling my eyes and thinking, 'Yeah, sure you do.'
Then he opens it up and it's a Nuremberg Chronicles from 1494."

The 600-year-old book is a survivor of an era known as "the cradle of printing," and was originally printed as a companion to the Guttenberg Bible, which was itself not printed for another 40 years.

The ancient volume is embellished with more than 1800 wonderful woodcut illustrations.

Sanders's first estimate was that it was worth over $100,000.

To see the interview, hit the link embedded above. 

1 comment:

Robert Clear said...

I've seen pages from the Nuremberg Chronicle in London, and the panoramic images of towns and cities are stunning. If you've got $100,000 burning a hole in your pocket it sounds like a pretty good deal!