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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mubarak name to be demolished

A court in Egypt has ruled that the names of Mubarak and his wife Suzanne be removed from all public places.

According to a BBC News report, hundreds of public squares, streets, libraries and schools across Egypt are named after the couple.  Now, a frenzy of renaming is to take place.

I wonder if they are going to have renaming competitions?  Open to the wider public, that is.  Or will minor politicians, soldiers, and bureaucrats be lobbying to have their names memorialized?

And they are going to take his statues down, too.  Who knows what will replace them?   It's going to be a whole new look in Egypt, that's for sure, and hazards await those asking for directions to places and monuments.

Mubarak's 29 years in power ended with his resignation in February after weeks of mass anti-government protests.

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Joan Druett said...

Off-list comment from Brian Easton: "It's lucky his name wasn't Mr. Street!"