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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Libraries play a lively part in prom madness

One has to admire the ingenuity and enthusiasm of those who deal with teenaged girls and the problem of what gown to wear to the prom. A heartwarming story appears in the School Library Journal about the pleasures of outfitting young ladies for that special date -- and literature to go with it.

Did you know that the institution we now call “prom” began in the late 19th century? Prom is actually the shortened form of promenade, which was basically a parade of guests held at the start of a formal event or celebration. Prom has become a more lavish affair recently, and to help high school students (and their parents) on tight budgets, libraries are finding a multitude of ways to serve their communities -- including collecting prom dresses.

Originally, the idea was to organize a "swap your gown" event, but people proved so generous that libraries ended up with collections of wonderful froth and fun, in a community event with a Difference.

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