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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Last words from a book reviewer

As everyone knows, the print edition of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer has seen its last issue, and it will now exist only in electronic form. What effect this will have on the newspaper industry is yet to be seen. What is sure is that the media barons (along with all the writers, reviewers, commentators and editors) will be watching with riveted interest.

What does this mean for the other Seattle newspaper, Seattle Times? Up until now, they have shared revenue and expenses -- and the latter being larger than the former, of late, this means that the ST will be struggling. Will it leave Seattle with no print newspaper at all?

Only the future will tell.

John Marshall, book reviewer, has posted his thoughts on the oddest, nicest, and most gob-smacking moments of the past decade. I especially love the mental image of Mary Karr (The Liars' Club) packing her teeny bikini knickers while Marshall asked questions in her hotel room.

Go to the Seattle website, to see what it is going to look like in future.
(And yes, the Seattle P-I did warmly review the occasional book written by a New Zealander, such as Island of the Lost).

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Heather Frederick said...

My journalistic "alma mater," The Christian Science Monitor, is poised to take this same step at the end of the month. They will, however, continue to publish a weekly print edition as well. The times, they most definitely are a-changin'...