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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Ship stamp worth untold

An old, unused, ship stamp could be yours for a mere fifty grand in Kiwi dollars, if you link to a stamp and coin auction that is to be staged in Wellington late this week.

The stamp was designed and printed to commemorate a royal visit to the country back in 1949

Due to the ill-health of the royal in question, King George VI, the visit was cancelled, and so was the stamp.

Well, it was meant to be cancelled and destroyed in its entirety, but one sheet of the print run was "liberated" before the rest were incinerated.

There are only seven known examples.

The auction as a whole is expected to make over two million in sales.  That, however, might depend on the popularity of a rival attraction, a heavy-duty firearms fair that is to be held, if you please, at a school.  The gun fair is designed for collectors of old military weapons, but instead has raised a heap of controversy...

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