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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Plane gets a licking

Cows interested spectators at an emergency landing

The Dominion Post has an amusing report this morning that I could not resist passing on.

Cattle are surprisingly inquisitive, as I have found out many times when going out mushrooming.  They gather round and drool, and flutter ridiculously long eyelashes, and when they get really interested they start to lick.

This herd of beef cattle had the most interesting experience yet, on Sunday.  A small plane, flown by a private pilot, made an emergency landing in their paddock after the engine started shuddering.

No one was hurt, and the plane was washed.  After a fashion.  The cows, after scampering away from the landing, reassembled for a close inspection.  Then, liking what they scented and saw, they started to lick.

This happened just north of Wellington, at Te Horo on the Kapiti Coast.  The Kapiti Aero Club secretary denied all knowledge of the pilot's identity.  All he knew, apparently was that the pilot issued a mayday call, and then made a successful landing, and the plane will be trucked out this week.

More amusing still, it seems that cows are even more interested in cameras.  As you can see, they have abandoned the plane to inspect the photographer.


Judith said...

Cows are indeed inquisitive. Many years ago when I lived next door to a dairy farm I would occasionally practice tai chi on my deck, if the weather was nice. If the cows happened to be in the next door paddock they would slowly drift over to see what i was doing and I would have an interested bovine audience peering over the fence at me. This would always make me laugh and forget where I was up to.

Joan Druett said...

Love it! Thanks for posting!