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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Mutiny on the Harmony

Luxury cruise ship a floating construction site, say passengers

From the New Zealand Herald

She was supposed to be the last word in luxury on the open waves when she set off on her inaugural trip to great fanfare just over a week ago.

But the world's biggest cruise ship has been branded a floating "construction site" that puts passengers at risk by those on board.

Furious cruise fans who left on £800 million (NZ$1.74 billion) Harmony of the Seas' "maiden voyage" from Southampton to Rotterdam and a subsequent trip to Cherbourg complained contractors were still carrying out vital work on board.

Gaping holes were left in floors and walls, the hot water cut out, 90 per cent of children's rides were out of service and sleep was impossible in some rooms as drilling carried on through the night.

They also said the top deck of the 1188ft-long vessel was littered with hazards including loose cables, blow torches, open paint tins and power tools.

Ladders were left lying around and tables were dumped beside railings, leaving children at risk of climbing up and falling into the sea.

"Hundreds" of passengers have besieged the customer services desk throughout the sailings, according to witnesses.

Some that were offered compensation accused owner Royal Caribbean International of trying to gag them by saying they could not discuss what compensation they were offered with others on board.

The company yesterday tried to dampen down the furore by describing the North European trips as "pre-inaugural sailings" before the "official maiden cruise" leaves from Southampton for Barcelona tomorrow.

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