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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Fresh from McBooks Press

Highlights from the May/June 2016
Seth Hunter issue-- 

George interviews Seth Hunter
--author of the Nathan Peake Novels--and reviews the fourth book in the series: The Winds of Folly.

Seth Hunter recalls a dramatic evening in Venice during the writing of The Winds of Folly. 
Rounding out this issue are articles on naval art, sea music, new and notable books in the naval and historical fiction and nonfiction genres; and, as always, nautical news and musings from George Jepson.

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A 20th-century naval adventure from an author whose books have sold 34 million copies in nearly two-dozen languages--

Singapore, November 1941: Lieutenant Ralph Trewin, proud recipient of the Distinguished Service Cross, arrives in Singapore as second-in-command of the shallow-draught gunboat, H.M.S. Porcupine. To Trewin, still suffering from wounds received during the evacuation of Crete, the tiny British fleet of antiquated river gun­boats appears wholly inadequate for what is to come. And, everyone in the entire garrison seems inexperienced and naive about the gravity of the threat approaching from the north. 
Within months Japan takes Singapore and the British lose their most important outpost in Southeast Asia. Yet throughout a miserable and bloody campaign Trewin and his captain learn to draw on each other's strengths and weaknesses, and together forge the little gunboat into a symbol of bravery and pride. 
Praise for Douglas Reeman-- 
"Vivid naval action at its most authentic." --Sunday Times
"If anyone deserves to be 'piped' into book­shops with full naval honours, it is Douglas Reeman, without question master of both genres of naval fiction-historical and modern." --Books Magazine
"Mr. Reeman writes with great ­knowledge about the sea and those who sail on it."
--The Times 

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