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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

WOW -- great memories revived.

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World of WearableArt

Thanks, It's Been A Fabulous Season

We’d like to pass on our thanks to the more than 54,000 people who attended the 2015 World of WearableArt Awards Show in Wellington, New Zealand. And of course, special thanks to all of the fabulously talented designers whose garments were showcased on stage.
This year, Peter Wakeman of Nelson took out the Supreme Award with 'Diva's Dreamscape', winning $30,000 NZD. Make sure you read about his  extraordinary journey towards being a WOW finalist in the feature article below.
The runner up to the supreme award 'Deadly Beauty' was won by Fashion Design student Xi Zhang from Donghua University, Shanghai, China. To see a summary of all the WOW 2015 Award Winners, click here
Finally, make sure to take part in the survey found below - you could WIN two premium tickets to the 2016 edition of the World of WearableArt Awards show.
The WOW Team
Peter Wakeman Story: From Garage to Glory

From Garage to Glory

The first year Peter Wakeman entered WOW, he cut things a bit fine getting his entry in on time. So competition director Heather Palmer gave him a call..

Watch: 2015 Show Highlights

Re-live the unique show experience of the 2015 World of WearableArt Awards Show, where garment design and creativity meets theatrical performance in a completely magical and unexpected way!


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