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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Travel agent posers

Travel agents get asked the oddest questions

To offer a glimpse at the difficult requests made of travel agents, the American Society of Travel Agents released a list of top 10 strangest requests its 26,000 members have received in the last year.

1. Can you please book the honeymoon suite for us and another couple?
2. Can you please plan a honeymoon for me, my bride and my mother?
3. Can you guarantee that no pet has ever been in the hotel room?
4. Can I fish off of the cruise ship?
5. Do they speak English in Britain? 
6. Can you book two rooms in different parts of the resort—one for me and my wife, and the other for my girlfriend?
7. Is our relationship like a client/lawyer relationship?
8. Does the crew actually sleep onboard the cruise ship?
9. Don't tell my fiancé this is where I took my first wife for our honeymoon.

10. I would like to go somewhere where there are NOT a lot of men.

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