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Friday, May 8, 2015

The Weapon to end all wars


The "Lordships" of the 25th instant, informs us that a M. Lagrange, chemist, of Lorient had directed his attention for some fifteen years past to the improvement of a description of cannon ball of a fearfully destructive nature. Though he had been completely master of the secret for some time past, he never applied for permission to test the result of his experience.

Recently, however, he consented and accordingly the experiments took place in the presence of Vice admiral de La Susse, and Rear-Admiral Le Guerre, Lieutenant-General of Artillery Laplace, and the entire Commission appointed to watch the "proof" of the cannons "a gavre."

The success justified the expectation of M. Lagrange and far surpassed the hopes of the Commission.  We have been informed that each time one of these balls struck its object, it exploded instantaneously, with a report equal to the first, producing most fearful destruction. The effect is the same on earth, wood, rock or any substance.

After experiments, the members of the Commission observed to the inventor: "Sir, you ought to be added to the members of the Peace Congress, after your invention, we must no longer think of making war."

M. Lagrange asserts that, with a gun-boat and four guns, he will be able to sink a 120 gun ship in a few moments.  It is said that he is in negotiation with government to sell his secret.

The Straits Times, Singapore, 17 December 1850, page 7

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