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Friday, April 18, 2014

Scoop for Hardman and Swainson

Up-and-coming UK literary agency snares major New York representation

Caroline Hardman and Joanna Swainson made a real celebration of Christmas 2013, as it marked the end of their first, hectic, full year as the Hardman and Swainson Literary Agency.

These two energetic young women have perfect backgrounds for the job.

Joanna Swainson ran a business for several years, providing a range of copy writing and editing services, and freelancing for a number of literary agents, including one of the most commercial agencies in London and a specialist children's agent.

 Caroline Hardman started out at Waterstone's as  a bookseller -- and what better qualification for a literary agent is there than that?

Then she worked as an agent at the Christopher Little Literary Agency and The Marsh Agency, where she also specialized in translation rights. 

It was while she was at The Marsh Agency that she met Laura Langlie, which is probably the reason she is now able to proudly announce, "We are the UK representatives of US agent Laura Langlie." 

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