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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top Ten Indies on Amazon ... My List

This is an experiment.

Both GalleyCat and Digital Book World publish lists of Indie bestsellers ...

Bestselling novels.

Is there really no nonfiction somewhere in there?

Well, I have decided to go through the topselling paid Kindle books, and find my own top ten.

Will they all be fiction?  Let's see.

# ONE The Atlantis Gene by A.J. Riddle Science fiction, Fantasy,  # 22 paid in Kindle Store

# TWO Bully (Fall Away series), Penelope Douglas.  Adult romance. # 37 paid in Kindle Store

# THREE Until You (Fall Away series), Penelope Dougas.  Adult romance. # 41 paid in Kindle Store

# FOUR Cherry Bomb, by J.A. Konrath. Police procedural. # 46 paid in Kindle Store

# FIVE  With You, by Nashoda Rose. Adult romance # 48 paid in Kindle Store. (This is a mysterious entry, but though I might be wrong in including it, I don't think so. Nashoda Rose is a smashwords author, and her publisher is given as Cindy Paterson, which is the name of another bestselling Indie author.  Have they formed a dynamic duo, or is Cindy writing under a pseudonym?  Undoubtedly someone will tell me.)

# SIX Fallen Crest Public, by Tijan. Adult romance. # 51 paid in Kindle store.

# SEVEN The Atlantis Plague, by A. J. Riddle. Science fiction. #
52 paid in Kindle Store

# EIGHT Finding My Forever, by Heidi McLaughlin. Classified as drama, but looks like romance. # 53 paid in Kindle store.

# NINE Trouble, by Samantha Towle.  Romance. # 55 paid in Kindle store.

# TEN Torn From You, by Nashoda Rose. Romance. # 56 in paid Kindle Store.

So (sigh) no nonfiction.  Or maybe they are too hard to find.

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