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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Airport eagle plummets

The greater Wellington area had an earthquake yesterday, just before 4 pm.

It was magnitude 6.2, I believe, classified as "strong" -- not "severe" but not "weak," either. There was the usual carnage in supermarket shelves, and my brother's paintings fell off his walls, but no injuries and certainly no deaths reported.

But it must have been exciting at Wellington Airport.  In its attempt to make the airport look like the entry to Middle-Earth, not just the coolest little capital in the world, the same people who wanted that "Wellywood" sign (remember the fracas?) have crammed the building with bits from Weta Workshop, including an eagle floating over the food hall.

Well, during the quake, it plummeted.  Hopefully no one was underneath, because it would really put you off your flat white.

If you hit the link, you also get the advertisement currently beside the photo, whatever the advert might be at that moment.  To my amusement, when I first looked at it, it was an advertisement for Air New Zealand.


Tom O'Neil said...

Were you both okay my friends? It all looks scary from up this way...

Joan Druett said...

Ah, you privileged folks in quake-proof Auckland don't know how exciting life down here can be. Seriously, we're fine. The geologists are all saying that we dodged a bullet. Again. There was a cruise ship in port at the time, loaded with cruisers who will have a different dinner table story to tell.