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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ten Amazing Consequences of the US Shutdown

An amusing commentary in the BBC magazine points out the odd and far-ranging consequences ...

Here is the basic list:

1. Only one person is left to patrol the US-Canada border, all 5525-mile length of it.

2. Graveyards in Europe of American soldiers lost in two world wars are closed.

3. Iran is off the hook, meantime.

4. People are stocking up on meat, in Kentucky.

5. The Grindstone Running Race has been postponed.

6. Private museums in Washington, DC, are experiencing a rush of tourists.

7. Off-work civil servants are being courted with vouchers for free or discounted food at cafes and restaurants.

8. There is a boom in satirical T-shirts

9. Cancer trials are on hold.

10. The world is getting to know new words, such as "furlough."

And number 11, from me.  Any aliens who drop in to visit right now, are going to arrive unobserved.

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