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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Heir to throne records Thomas poem

Prince Charles records Dylan Thomas poem

Prince Charles has recorded one of his favourite Dylan Thomas poems for a special broadcast to mark National Poetry Day.

The prince chose Fern Hill, the Welsh poet's reminiscences of childhood visits to an aunt's farm in Carmarthenshire.

Prince Charles described the poem as "poignant and moving".

He is Royal patron of the Dylan Thomas 100 Festival, which will mark the centenary of the poet's birth in 2014.

"For National Poetry Day, I was very glad, if somewhat hesitant - to be able to record a reading of one of my personal favourites, Fern Hill, with its poignant and moving evocation of a rural west Wales childhood," said Prince Charles.

"I cannot help feeling this is one of the great legacies of Thomas's poetry - that it inspires people to appreciate the incomparable landscape of Wales."


Cheeringsquad said...

Joan, I noticed today, while watching Prince George's christening that Camila did not curtsey to the Duke of Edinburgh. I thought he took precedence after the HM, what that a bluff? Who curtseys to the Duke of Edinburgh

Cheeringsquad said...

Joan, please help,

I notice today before Prince George's christening, Camila did not curtsey to the Duke of Edinburgh. From my understanding, the Duke takes precedence immediately after HM, in terms of rank. What this a bluff? Should she have curtsied? Who curtseys to the Duke of Edinburgh?

Joan Druett said...

I think the conundrum is that the Duke of Edinburgh is married to the monarch, and Camilla is married to the monarch's heir. So both spouses have equal standing, and one would not make an obeisance to the other. Does that make sense?