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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Philip K Dick inspiration leads Toronto film festival

Philip K Dick stuns us still

The Toronto film festival opened with a science fiction film by the same director who made hits out of Philip K Dick's SF classic stories.

American director Rian Johnson's time-twisting "Looper," also inspired by reading Philip K Dick novels, is in the same class as "Blade Runner," "Total Recall," and "Minority Report," and promises to have the same cult following.

"Looper" first took shape as a short film, but never got past a written draft. It was not until the success of "The Brothers Bloom" at the 2008 festival that Johnson returned to the idea.

With "Looper" Johnson has taken filmmaking to a new level, according to an inside source, who added, "This is a new kind of opening night: an exciting, thinking-person's action film from a director who really understands the genre."


Anonymous said...

Rian Johnson said he was reading a lot of Phillip K. Dick at the time. This story is original. Just inspired by those typse of novels and sci fi.

Joan Druett said...

Thanks for that. The newspaper item was rather opaque, and after reading it several times I came to the conclusion that "Looper" was an adaptation.