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Monday, September 10, 2012

Johnny Depp gets a tattoo

Damien Echols, one of three men who were wrongly convicted for satanic murders in 1993, called on Johnny Depp, triggering the kind of bond that demands being memorialized with tattoos.

"There was an instant connection, some brotherly kind of love there," said Depp at a news conference in Toronto, at the world premiere of Amy Berg's film "West of Memphis," which chronicles the miscarriage of justice that sent Echols and two other presumably innocent men to jail.

"It was instant," Depp repeated. "To finally see Damien arrive at my house, on my doorstep, was moving and it was a celebration. It was beautiful. We had Tater Tots and tacos. And things took their natural course and we ended up at the tattoo parlor."

The tattoos, apparently identical, were undescribed. 

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