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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wellywood spoof sign blows up hill

Spoof news clip blows Wellywood away

Airport unimpressed with dummy stunt

An explosive new video has entered the Wellywood fray, depicting a fake attack on the controversial sign.

(The sign has not actually been erected yet, so you are safe to land here, if you are on the way.)

This new YouTube video by Dignan88 uses computer graphics to place the controversial "Wellywood" sign on Wellington Airport land in Miramar, claiming it was erected secretly, at night, by the airport powers-that-be.

As a fake news reporter, William Plinkerton, prepares to discuss the controversy with a "representative from Wellington Airport", the sign is rocked by a series explosions scattering letters into the sky.

Two dark figures can be seen scuttling away as the Wellington Airport man is squashed by a giant E.

A Wellingon Airport spokewoman described the video as " very creative and funny ".

"Get voting Wellington," she said.

The clip's maker works for Weta Digital but the spoof was completed as a personal project in his own time and had nothing to do with the company.

A poll to decide what sign will go on the hillside closes on Friday November 18.  VOTE NOW.

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