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Monday, October 31, 2011

Wellywood or what?

What sign should be put on the hillside at Wellington International Airport?

This one?  Or something more local?  A whimsy?  Or a symbol?

Eighteen months ago, the powers that run Wellington Airport announced they were going to put a huge sign on a steep, barren hillside on their land.

It was going to read WELLYWOOD.

International outrage.  Truly.  I wrote about it myself.

Such was the backlash, that our newspaper, The Dominion Post, took a hand.  Suggestions were solicited for alternatives, with various spot prizes offered, and ideas poured in.

Now the suggestions have been culled down to five, and the public is invited to vote for their favorites.

Here are the five suggestions.  Why not have a vote?  And you can like the page on facebook, too, if you wish.  Just remember that voting ends on November 9, when the winner will be faced against that infernal Wellywood proposition.

Which will win?  Only time will tell.


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