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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wellington newspaper falls afoul of computer failure

Well, folks, we did not get the Dom this morning.

The "Dom" being the affectionate local name for Wellington's newspaper, the Dominion Post.  Apparently, the problem was computer failure.  Is this a sign of times to come?

Along with thousands of other subscribers, I received an apology (sent twice, presumably by the same computer), which has a certain amount of tongue-in-cheek humour, worth recording.

Meantime, I can't wait for tomorrow's edition!

Dear Subscriber

We again apologise that we were unable to publish Tuesday's Dominion Post due to major technical issues. We have received a mountain of feedback and it is clear that the DomPost remains very much an essential part of our readers daily lives. Our readers have expressed a wide ranging number of concerns, from how they will be able to go about their daily lives without their usual puzzles and crosswords fix, to whether we will be putting out a TV Week.
The good news is that we have largely resolved the technical issues, and that we will be publishing a bumper Wednesday issue of The Dominion Post. This will be jam packed with all your usual Wednesday content including Life and Job Market, but will also include more news pages, and the popular TV Week. There are also two puzzle pages, and two chances to win a 42" Panasonic TV with our Bigger Picture promotion.
We again apologise for any inconvenience and trust that
Wednesday's bumper issue will help you soon forget,
and catch up on all your usual DomPost favourites.

Gerard Watt
General Manager
The Dominion Post

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