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Friday, May 22, 2009

Serial killers, take note

For four days from July 8, all New Yorkers can rest easier in their beds, because the city will be hosting 150 bestselling thriller authors, all adept at foiling murderers, tricksters, and thieves.

The list is guaranteed to send shivers up the back of even the most arrogant serial killer, including such chill-inspiring names as Robin Cook, David Baldacci, James Rollins, Lee Child, Jeffery Deaver, and Eric Van Lustbader. Click here.
Actually, the very idea of all those devious minds in just one room sends shivers up mine.


Vanda Symon said...

It's the stuff dreams are made of, or nightmares, depending on your point of view.

Joan Druett said...

I've always wondered what it would be like to have a writer who specialized in serial killers as a dinner guest. Boring, entertaining, or just plain creepy? And what would a sensitive hostess serve a bestselling thriller writer? Rare steak au jus might be just the ticket! With Bloody Marys beforehand. Those little squares of cheese and gherkin stabbed with a toothpick might be appropriate, too ....

Rick Spilman said...

..." all adept at foiling murderers, tricksters, and thieves."

Can we be sure of this? Might they be the most skilled in covering their tracks, fabricating complex deceptions to conceal their dastardly crimes?

I have only met a couple of thriller writers and neither appeared to threatening, but then one never knows.

Anne Perry is the only murder mystery writer, that I am aware of, who has been actually convicted of murder.

Joan Druett said...

Did you know that Anne Perry was a New Zealander? You might have seen the dramatisation of the murder in the movie "Heavenly Creatures." Her real name, I believe, is Juliet Hulme. Great writers -- firstclass settings and atmosphere.

I met Lee Child at a book signing. He was slight in build and very retiring in manner. Rather shy, I thought.