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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Writing in secret

One dark evening, in the depths of an otherwise deserted university, a mathematics professor was working secretly on his latest attempt at a novel. In an absentminded moment he sent a particularly erotic chapter to the faculty secretary's printer. Horrified, he raced down the corridor, to see the steamy passages appear one by one in her print tray -- behind a locked grille. A frantic plea to security followed, but finally, to his immense relief, Manil Suri was able to retrieve the incriminating stuff.

Professor Suri was a closet writer, who was convinced that his career was down the tube if his academic fellows ever found out. In an interesting and amusing story published in the Washington Post, he reveals the trials and tribulations of his secret life. What is probably even more amazing is what happened when his first novel was published, and the news of his double life broke.

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