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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tragic loss for book distributor

Jean Srnecz, senior vice president (merchandizing) of the book distributor Baker and Taylor, was one of the victims of a plane crash in Buffalo last night.

Multitudes of people have browsed library shelves without realizing that the books are there because of the distributing firm. Baker and Tayor distributes book, music, and DVDs to schools and libraries all over the world.

The publishing world will miss the well-liked Jean Srnecz, who was described by a spokesperson for the company as "the face of B&T to the publishing industry."

Forty-nine people died when Continental commuter flight 3407 crashed into a house near Buffalo, NY.


Kate Perry said...

Hi Joan,

I am a reporter covering this tragic story out of Rochester NY. I'd like to inquire about the picture you have posted please email me asap.

Joan Druett said...

Hi Kate. I'll try again to email you. Meantime, I found it in a conference program, where Ms Srnecz was a speaker in a forum on electronic books.