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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I can't believe Peter Jackson isn't there!

Esquire magazine is running a slide show of the editors' pick-list of the seventy-five most influential people of the 21st century on their website.

And I am running this post mostly because I am so staggered at how few writers there are.


Go through it, and see if you can correct me.

(It's not fair to count people who write books as a parttime kind of thing, like politicians and financiers.)

But they did include the founder of . . .

And Rupert Murdock.


Bookman Beattie said...

Two authors, Michael Chabon and Dave Eggers. But Joan it is the sort of list you would expect Esquire to come up with. Northern Hemisphere/USA-centric. Few from the arts, apart from a few Hollywood actors. A disproportionate number from Massachusetts.
Like book prizes lists like these are often controversial but they do generate discussion.

Joan Druett said...

So my arithmetic was right! I was so stunned by the cast of unknowns that I wondered if I had missed a writer or two. I was also surprised that there were so few actors. Financiers seemed to dominate the field. I wonder if Esquire will feel the same way this time next week . . .