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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Obama and Harry Potter

Blog queen Pam Coughlan -- "mother-reader," who satirizes herself as having "the heart of a mother, the soul of a reader, the mouth of a smartass" -- was fortunate enough to be within shaking hands distance of Barack Obama at an event in Virginia. As she excitedly reports, the speech was great (with much about equal opportunities for hardworking women) but one particular question was electric. A woman asked him how he felt about reading. He was a bit surprised, confessing he'd never had that question before, and waffled for a little bit about his two books, and how he wrote them himself, along with his speeches. It was important to know how to write in order to get a job, he said, as no one ever got a job on the basis of his texting skills. Then, however, he suddenly launched himself into one of those little insights into Obama-the-man that make him seem so unusually accessible. He had read all the Harry Potter books to his daughters, he revealed. And, if a man who is running for prez. can do that, surely every dad can find the time to share the pleasure of books with his children.

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