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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How not to respond to critics

When blog-queen Judy McGuire spied that the current cover of the Seattle alternative weekly The Stranger had certain similarities to the jacket of her book How Not to Date, she wrote about it in her blog, and sent a friendly e-mail to Stranger editor Dan Savage.
Savage went ballistic the way many authors would love to respond to critics after reading hostile reviews (but usually have the sense to refrain).

Read about the stoush in GalleyCat @

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Joan Druett said...

"Stoush" -- pronounced "st-ow!-sh" -- is Kiwi slang for a stand-up battle, which can be either physical or conversational. Rather like the side-line bouts of fisticuffs that players of ice hockey and rugby football tend to indulge in when they decide they don't like the way the other side is playing the game.