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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Old Saint Paul's Cathedral

This wonderful old wooden "Gothic" cathedral is part of my youth.  As teenagers, we were escorted there in a neat, demure line, wearing gloves and hats!  A more enduring memory is the American friend I took there quite recently as part of a glimpse of Wellington, who to my amazement dissolved into tears.  He was a Marine in the big second world war, stationed in Wellington before the assault on the Coral Sea.  The battalion had left their banner, and there it was hanging in the rafters, alongside the US flag, a memory of a significant part of his youth. 

You can read all about it HERE

Old St. Paul's is easy to visit on a one-day taste of Wellington, being in walking distance of everywhere.   Here is the information

Most tours will call there, if only for a photo stop.  The Walking Tour (see a previous post) is particularly good.

And here is an update of the hours:

They're now open to the public from 10 am to 5 pm, please note they do accept earlier bookings from 9 am for tour operators. 

Old St Paul’s will be closing on a few statutory holidays, they're: 
1. New Year’s Day – January 1st 
2. Good Friday – April 19th 
3. Anzac Day – April 25th 
4. Queen’s Birthday – June 6th 
5. Labour Day – October 22th
6. Christmas Day – December 25th 
7. Boxing Day – December 26th 

Old St Paul’s will remain open for the following statutory holidays : 
1. Day after New Year’s Day – January 2nd 
2. Wellington Anniversary – January 21st 
3. Waitangi Day – February 6th 
4. Easter Monday – April 21st 

For any further details, please see their website

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