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Monday, July 9, 2018

Whale in Wellington

Wellington City has a visitor who is obviously enjoying the stay, despite torrential rain and gales, because he (or she) is so reluctant to move on.

It seems that he (or she) is an exhibitionist, because the whale plays so happily to the crowd.  It also is supremely confident -- on Friday the ferry wasn't able to dock for 30 minutes, as the whale had taken up the berth.  But, as the captain remarked, the passengers didn't seem unhappy -- they were too busy with their cameras.

Instead of the barbaric and inappropriate Guy Fawkes firework celebration, we now have our big fireworks show at Maori New Year -- Matariki -- which meant that it would have been staged on Saturday night.  But even if the weather had been kind, the show would not have gone ahead, in case it frightened our large guest.

The sex of the whale will not be known until the scientific bods get DNA results from the sample they sneakily took.  But, whatever the gender, popular opinion has opted for the whale's name to be "Matariki."

You can read all about it in the Dominion Post.

And see a terrific video on Newshub.

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