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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Norfolk Island New Zealand territory? Wonderful!

Could New Zealand adopt Norfolk Island?

Apparently, some locals would love it.

And we would love it, too.  Historically, socially, and visually, it is an amazing island.  Unique.

Until recently it was easy to fly for a very different holiday, but the link between Auckland and Norfolk has vanished.  We would love to have it back.  We would love the island to be part of Us.

But is it possible?  Andre Nobbs, resident and past minister, thinks it is.

Since the administration of Norfolk Island has been taken away from the locals, and given to the bureaucrats in New South Wales, the situation there has changed.


As we know, the folks who live there manage by having at least three jobs.  They also have a barter system, to get around the fact that there is not a lot of money to pass around.  The sort of situation where someone will drop off a basket of lemons, and get a dozen fresh laid eggs in exchange.  A system that worked really well.  Until now.

But, as Andrew Nobbs says, New Zealand is not known for being heavy-handed with the islands it administers.  It tends to let the locals get along as best they can, and help out when they get into trouble.

Will it happen?

We can hope....

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