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Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Little Boat that could -- how it came about

My post on the Little Boat That Could has garnered huge interest.  To my delight, Victor Lee Graham Fox got in touch on facebook, to thank me for the post, and to reveal fascinating background to the Little Boat adventure.

"Thanks for posting this!," he wrote.  "I work at Mid-Coast School of Technology in Rockland Maine that has a Marine Technology program for high school students that makes the hull, deck and skeg keel for these intrepid little sailboats sailing across the ocean! Once our students are finished their parts they are passed onto a boat builder like Lyman-Morse to be assembled and made ready for sea working with a sponsorship school or organization that does the tracking and promotion and education with "Educational Passages" of Belfast, Maine. The Kennebunk students for their project "The little boat that could" worked with The Landing School of Boat Building and Design to assemble and make ready for sea this amazing little boat that could! I've attached my link to pictures at MCST of the green molds and one white hull ready to be shipped to a happy sponsor.....Cheers!"

And then I followed the link to EDUCATIONAL PASSAGES that he provided.

There are tips on how to build your Little Boat:

And even an interactive map showing where all the Little Boats have gone.


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