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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Booklife review of THE MONEY SHIP

Just in time for the  four-day free promotion of the first book in The Money Ship saga, a review from Booklife has arrived.

It has a rather odd format, but is satisfying, nonetheless.

Plot:  This skillfully plotted novel delivers as much historical information as it does story. 

Prose: The prose is true to the time period, contains great details, and delivers the flavor and style of the era. The writing keeps the reader in the story, but never in an overly showy fashion.
Originality: This historical maritime adventure is original and engaging. The author's knowledge of sailing, the time period, the South China Sea, and the economics of the day is evident -- and this information is deftly incorporated into the story. Much of the spirit of the time is captured in this intriguing tale.

Character Development: The characters here are very well developed for the most part. The author provides backstory for each main character and follows the characters' evolution over the course of years.

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