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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Dawlish Chronicles update

From Antoine Vanner, creator of the Dawlish Chronicles maritime series

Advances on the Dawlish Chronicles Front
I'm author Antoine Vanner and thought it might be of interest to keep you appraised of my current work on the Dawlish Chronicles series and on my website. I'm also providing a link to a very brief, but fascinating, discovery I recently made on YouTube and which is relevant to one of my books.
Guess the title of the next Dawlish Chronicles novel and win a copy
The latest book - the sixth in the series - is now in final proofing and I'll be publishing in mid-year. The title is a closely-guarded secret between me, my wife, my proof-reader, and my cover-designer, but for future readers it's still "Britannia's X". The story plays out in 1884/85 and once more sees Captain Nicholas Dawlish and crew of his beloved cruiser, HMS Leonidas, facing dangers and dilemmas on the fringes of empire.

If you can guess what the "X" in the title stands for then I'll send you a hard-copy of the novel as soon as it is published. I look forward to hearing from you - the e-mail address is
Another novel and a new short story in the offing

I'm currently hard at work on the seventh in the Dawlish Chronices series, and have completed about 30% of the first draft. I'll keep you updated on progress.

In addition I've plotted out the next Dawlish Chronicles short story and I'll be forwarding it free to all on my mailing list, as well as to new subscribers. I hope to issue it in the next four to six weeks.

The previous free short story, Britannia's Eventide, got a very positive response and I hope that you'll like the next one just as much,

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