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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Trump prediction from 1987

EIR is the Executive Intelligence Review.

It's story reads like something from John Le Carre -- a web of twists and turns.  What you might glimpse is not actually what is there.

Founded in 1974 by activist and economist Lyndon LaRouche, EIR and its sister magazines have gone through a number of editors who seem to have met unfortunate fates.

EIR is one of a number of publications owned by the LaRouche movement.

Others include The New Federalist; 21st Century Science and Technology; Nouvelle Solidarité in France; Neue Solidarität, published by LaRouche's Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität in Germany; and Fidelio, a quarterly magazine published by the Schiller Institute, also in Germany.

The New Solidarity International Press Service, or NSIPS, was a news service credited as the publisher of EIR and other LaRouche publications.

The New Federalist suspended publication in 2006 as a result of money troubles; Fidelio magazine published its last number in 2006 because editor Kenneth Kronberg decided to stop working on it; in April 2007 he committed suicide. New Solidarity International Press Service was supplanted by EIR News Service because New Solidarity newspaper was shut down in 1987, after the massive 1986 Federal raid on LaRouche's headquarters in Leesburg, VA.

It is known as an extreme rightwing publishing enterprise, on the level of  Breitbart news, a huge distributor of anti-Liberal propaganda -- 

So why publish this story on a man who was relatively unknown then, but was "outed" (THIRTY YEARS AGO) as a presidential prospect worth cultivating by the Russians?

Very strange.  But certainly relevant today.

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Joan Druett said...

If you are interested in the interesting story of Resorts International:

More bizarre than ever -- money laundering for Mossad and the CIA?