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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Brexit and the Economist

Dear Reader,
As Britain’s EU referendum draws closer, The Economist will be on hand with additional analysis up to, during and beyond the vote. So whether you’re in, out or still sitting on the fence, we’ll have the insights to keep you informed.
The Economist is convinced that a decision to leave would be bad for Britain, Europe and the world. But we also believe in the importance of objective analysis and reasoned argument. To help you get the facts on the vote, we’ve curated a collection of articles outlining why we believe it’s in Britain’s interests to remain, along with additional articles on Britain’s role in Europe. Read now by clicking on the image below:
June 25th 2016 issue

In the days leading up to, and after June 23rd, you'll also be able to read our latest updates on the referendum for free via, so you can stay informed on virtually every aspect of the vote.
We hope you will find our analysis thought provoking and useful. Remember you can also join the debate via our social channels and website.
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