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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Bizarre Newton manuscript located

Lost Isaac Newton Manuscript Uncovered

By Maryann Yin  on GalleyCat

Sir Isaac Newton (GalleyCat)

A lost Isaac Newton manuscript has been uncovered. The famed scientist (pictured, via) wrote about a substance called “sophick mercury.”

Here’s more from The Washington Post: “A newly discovered manuscript, written in Newton’s hand, underscores his fascination with what’s now considered nothing more than mystical pseudoscience.

The document, held in a private collection for decades and bought earlier this year by the Chemical Heritage Foundation, describes how to make an essential ingredient of the Philosophers’ Stone.”

CNN reports that although Newton is known as the father of physics, he devoted a lot of time to studying alchemy. Throughout his lifetime, he wrote several notes on the subject which was then called “chymistry.” (via the National Geographic Website)

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Martin Evans said...

Rebecca Stott's novel "Ghostwalk" relates closely to this aspect of Newton's interests. I enjoyed it, though it gets rather poor reviews on the Goodreads site.