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Thursday, March 12, 2015

When your iPad is stolen

Remember the "find your iPad" (or iPhone) facility.

Peter Meechan had his iPhone stolen at Auckland Airport, and his wife was able to track it by using the "Find my Phone" feature.  Amusingly, when she found it, it was flying into Queenstown.  Then it went to the Heritage Hotel. Police phoned the hotel, and when the staff contacted the holder, the phone was turned off, and never used again.

A man who works for an Auckland car rental company left his iPad in one of the cars, but it was not there when the car was returned.  He tracked the device to Melbourne, and when the Aussie police arrived at the address, the holder's daughter handed it over.

The Matamata owner of a stolen car was able to track not just his iPad, but the wallet that had been stolen, too.  The offender was arrested.

A Taranaki woman tracked her iPad to an address, phoned police, and the burglars were apprehended.

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