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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Yet another dragon for Wellington

Wellington airport has just regained the great eagle that fell down in a (relatively) minor earthquake.

And has gained Smaug the dragon, too.

Now, it appears that Wellington International Airport (WLG) could get very crowded, as yet another dragon is about to feature in the city.


Walt Disney studios has confirmed that it would start shooting a big-budget remake of the classic musical "Pete's Dragon" (but without music) in New Zealand early next year.

The base will be Sir Peter Jackson's Stone Street Studios in Miramar, on the scenic peninsula in the city south.  Filming will be all over the country, including Canterbury (hopefully without earthquakes), and the Bay of Plenty.

In the corridors of power in Wellington much delight is being expressed.  With the final "Hobbit" about to be released, it looked as if there was going to be a pause on the headlong rush to make Wellington the film capital of the world.  As the mayor memorably uttered, it will fill a gap in the roller-coaster.

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