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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another interactive cookbook

It seems just yesterday that the Kung Fu Panda 2 Cookbook came out

Now there is another.

CEO Gili Abramovich (pictured) is bubbling over with the news.

"I wanted to share with you a link to our newest cookbook which is officially being launched today for the iPad – the Hello Kitty Cookbook," he wrote.

And of course there is a video.  It's at:

From the press release:

The world most celebrated and beloved kitty, Hello Kitty, brings her delightful charm and culinary ideas straight into the kitchen on the iPad with the new Hello Kitty Digital Cookbook for children. This app is the 2nd digital cookbook released by Castle Builders as part of its unique lineup of digital books for children.

Gili says the next step is interactive eBooks for adults.  As a life-long booklover, this has given me a great deal to mull over, and friends have also contributed their thoughts and doubts on facebook (!/druettjo).  I can envisage the magic of having videos and sound effects attached to travel books, for instance.  But, somehow, the thought of reading a novel on iPad or iPhone doesn't seem natural.  What would be the advantages? 

I suspect that before the year is out we will be getting interactive prospectuses from all kinds of forward-looking business people.

Now, there's a scary thought.  Interactive advertising!

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