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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Every author's dream -- the book that is hitting the bestseller lists,
-- and is not even available yet. 

The Pentagon may be regretting the decision to buy up all 10,000 printed copies of the latest expose of matters dire in Afghanistan, Operation Dark Heart . . . and pulp them 

According to the website, negotiations are in play with the book's publisher, while meantime demand grows hugely.  Have a look at the numbers for yourself -- and the many customer reviews from people who have not yet had a chance to read it.

Chris McGreal in Washington reports that the US defence department is scrambling to dispose of what threatens to be a highly embarrassing expose by the former intelligence officer of secret operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and of how the US military top brass missed the opportunity to win the war against the Taliban.

Originally, Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer's book had been cleared by the army, but when intelligence sources saw it, there was general alarm.  For the truly over-the-top unfolding of the events, read the story.

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Caron Dann said...

So, Shaffer should ensure his book is brought out as an e-reader edition as well so it can't be burned!This is an extraordinary story that proves that the perceived power of the written word is still enormous.