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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Well, lo and behold, the Sunday Times continues the New Zealand theme that I picked up in the TV review (see post below).  I found a blog by Serena Kutchinsky, with a post on "Writer's Rituals" that features our own Karl Stead.  Reason?  He won the Sunday Times short story award.  Many congratulations, Professor S. -- who, according to his remarkably sunny responses, writes 1,000 words a day, depending on the circumstances.

He is even smiling in his photograph!  And confides a self-deprecating story.  He once was struck by writer's block, so took the practical path out by writing a novel -- about a novelist with writer's block. 

It was called Secret History of Modernism, and "got some of the best reviews I ever had and sold hardly at all."

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