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Monday, April 26, 2010

Agatha Christie still reigns

Agatha Christie may have passed away in 1976, but she is still the genre queen.

Tim Masters reports that a Christie short story that most people will have never heard of, let alone read, is being reintroduced to an ever-loyal public as a play.

"Philomel Cottage," published in 1924, is taking on new life. An adaptation, written by Louise Page and called "Love from a Stranger," is playing at the Mill at Sonning theatre in Oxfordshire.

The cast includes ex-Coro Street actress Chloe Newsome, David Michaels, Dido Miles, Peter Moreton and Struan Rodger.

The story is intriguing. A spinster is wooed and won by a mysterious stranger. After the wedding, they take up residence in Philomel Cottage, and strange events unwind as they find out dark secrets about each other.

It might sound old hat, but Agatha Christie could always be depended upon to produce a big surprise.

Down here in New Zealand, we undoubtedly have to wait for the TV version. I look forward to it.


joan curry said...

Great to see the queen of crime still going strong

Joan Druett said...

Isn't it great? I don't remember the short story, so must hunt it down. Interesting scenario -- I can see how it would make a good play.