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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Penguin having fun with their logo

Joseph Sullivan, in his fine site, which is replete with comment and reviews of book designs, points out that Penguin is having fun playing with the company colophon.
I surely do agree that the jacket of The Penguin Book of Gaslight Crime is beguilingly whimsical -- and those pencils are mind-bending. Wow!
The name of the designer of the Gaslight Crime book is unknown. Coralie Bickford-Smith dreamed up the jacket for The Craftsman, and author Richard Sennett must be mightily chuffed. Joseph Sullivan declares he is a Bickford-Smith fan, which is no surprise at all.

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Vanda Symon said...

I had seen the Richard Bennett cover at The University Book Shop and thought wow, that's brilliant. The Gaslight Crime cover is so simple and effective. Might have to acquire that one.