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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Waterstone's Children's book prize shortlist

In announcing the finalists for this year's Waterstone's Children's book prize, manager Sarah Clarke said, "We are incredibly excited by the quality and range of this year's short list.

"It includes everything from adventure and mystery to a page-turning horror story featuring vampires and werewolves."

Well, the vampires are predictable, considering the supernatural success of Stephanie Meyer's YA series, but to find that the list includes an airline pilot who scribbles fifteenth century fantasies between flights really is unusual. One has to hope that his mind clicks back into the 21st era when he seats himself in the cockpit. Even the title of his book seems kinda ominous. One can't help but wonder, does he have problems with flight control?

Rob Stevens' The Mapmakers' Monsters is one of a list of eight. The other seven:

Elen Caldecott, How Kirsty Jenkins sold the Elephant
Vanessa Curtis, Zelah Green Queen of Clean
Steve Feasey, Changeling
Michelle Harrison, Thirteen Treasures
Ceci Jenkinson, Gnomes are Forever
Marie-Louise Jensen, Lady in the Tower
Rachel Ward, Numbers

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