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Friday, December 12, 2008

Heartwarming -- or just plain weird?

Nine-year-old Alec Greven hand-wrote a book, called it How to Talk to Girls, and sold it at a school fair for $3. Apparently it went like hot cakes, as it was a dating guide for kids, replete with hints about how to talk with the opposite sex. HarperCollins picked it up and turned it into a hardback, and the movie rights were sold to Fox, all within a week.

As GalleyCat comments, it is surely worth a disbelieving shake of the head that "during these topsy-turvy days for publishing, a 9-year-old kid struck gold."


Bookman Beattie said...

Just plain weird inb my view.Only in America............

Anonymous said...

And, believe it or not, his school in Colorado is "the Soaring Hawk Elementary School." Well, has this boy soared!