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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Getting teens hooked to books

A couple of librarians in the teen/children's department of Willard Library in Battle Creek, Michigan, have come up with an innovative way of getting young adults reading.

Stephanie Boyd and Angie Hopkins have developed a Teen Summer Reading Program, where teens are invited to come along and read for prizes, and take part in special events. The latest of these was an extreme makeover event, where girls came along to learn how to dye their hair and make themselves even more beautiful in myriad ways (and hopefully to read books about it, too). Local businesses, asked for input, were both cooperative and generous.

Very popular is the "Choose your bucket" reading prize. Every YA book has an entry form tucked inside with the issue slip, and filled in entries are dropped into the bucket of the reader's choice. Each bucket offers a different prize, ranging from "Gas my ride" (petrol vouchers), and "Make a pass" (dinner and a movie), to "hook some books" (book vouchers).

Great idea, which deserves to work.

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Amber said...

Our local library's Teen Annex in London, Ontario has a YA 'extreme summer reading challenge" - the more pages you log, the more chances to win prizes. They also have local teen bands playing live, ask teen artists to exhibit in the library space, and of course a myspace page...