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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Buying Old Salt Press Books

Are you a bookstore buyer, or the buyer for a library?

We are getting many queries from people like you who want to stock OLD SALT PRESS books.

For resellers and libraries, they are available from two outlets, Ingram and Createspace


CreateSpace Direct:
Both require the setting up of a customer account, and except for libraries, they all ask for a copy of a reseller's certificate.

Old Salt Press books currently in print are:

By Alaric Bond:
Turn a Blind Eye ISBN-13: 978-0988236035

By Joan Druett:
The Elephant Voyage ISBN-13: 978-0992258849
The Beckoning Ice (Wiki Coffin mysteries) ISBN-13: 978-0992258832

By Rick Spilman:
Hell Around the Horn ISBN-13: 978-0988236011

By V.E. Ulett:
Captain Blackwell's Prize ISBN-13: 978-0988236066

The books above are also available in most e-book formats. V.E.
Ulett's Blackwell's Paradise is currently available now in
e-book format and will soon be available in print.  Joan Druett's
"Promise of Gold" trilogy; Judas Island, Calafia’s Kingdom  and
Dearest Enemy; and her novel, Love of Adventure, are also
available in e-book format.

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