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Friday, January 10, 2014

25% of Britain resolves to self-publish in 2014

Cookery books, children's books and family histories set to fly to shelves

The saying goes that we all have a book inside us and 2014 is likely to prove just that as over one quarter (28%) of Brits’ New Year’s resolution is to publish their own book. The research by leading self-publishing platform supports the growing trend for self-publishing and the increasing number of up-and-coming authors that there are in the UK.

This year, inspired by culinary TV hits including the Great British Bake Off and superstar chefs like Jamie Oliver and Delia Smith, the book Brits most want to publish is a cookbook. One fifth (20%) deem their dishes tasty enough to feed the nation.

Other genres set to swell with self-published books include history and children’s literature. One in five (20%) think their family’s stories can rival those of the best history books and over ten per cent (13%) aspire to emulate the success of Gruffalo creator Julia Donaldson by publishing their own illustrated children’s book.

My own prediction is that these resolutions will go the way of all the other New Year resolutions, mostly because most people lack the confidence to head out and actually do it -- indeed, they don't even know where to start.  Which is where cooperatives like Old Salt Press perform a valuable role.
And I also wager that the books that do come out will be mostly digital.

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